Optimized Natural Lighting: The Glenview Basement Window Project in Illinois

Aurora Doors and Windows is pleased to highlight our specialized window installation in Glenview, Illinois, focusing on enhancing a basement space with improved natural lighting and ventilation. This project involved installing a custom, wide horizontal window that not only complements the building’s aesthetic but also significantly enhances the functionality of a typically low-light area.

This sleek, modern window is designed with high-quality, durable materials that ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. The dark frame contrasts beautifully against the light-colored exterior wall, providing a visually appealing element that enhances the building’s overall façade.

The window’s large glass pane allows for ample natural light to enter the basement, transforming a once dim area into a bright and inviting space. This addition is crucial not only for aesthetic purposes but also for improving the air quality and livability of the basement, making it a more usable and enjoyable part of the home.

Aurora Doors and Windows is proud to have delivered a solution that not only meets the aesthetic and functional needs of our client in Glenview but also adds value to their property by optimizing unused spaces.


The Glenview Basement Window Project in Illinois before #1


The Glenview Basement Window Project in Illinois After #1

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