Classic Elegance Redefined: The Timeless Window Upgrade in Winnetka, Illinois

Aurora Doors and Windows is thrilled to present one of our proudest accomplishments in the charming neighborhood of Winnetka, Illinois. This project is a perfect example of how thoughtful design and precision installation can transform the functionality and style of a home while respecting its historical integrity.

For this residential property in Winnetka, we replaced older, less efficient windows with new, high-performance models that maintain the traditional aesthetics valued in the community. The windows chosen for this project are characterized by their clean lines and classic design, featuring durable white framing that stands out against the rustic charm of the brick exterior.

The upgraded windows not only enhance the home’s curb appeal but also improve its energy efficiency. These double-glazed units are designed to keep the interior comfortable throughout the seasons, reducing heating and cooling costs and minimizing environmental impact.

With this installation, Aurora Doors and Windows has not only elevated the home’s visual appeal but also its market value and energy performance, showcasing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in Winnetka.


The Timeless Window Upgrade in Winnetka before #1
The Timeless Window Upgrade in Winnetka before #2


The Timeless Window Upgrade in Winnetka after #1
The Timeless Window Upgrade in Winnetka after #2

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