Revitalizing Community Spaces: The Yoga Studio Window Project in Libertyville, Illinois

Aurora Doors and Windows is proud to unveil the transformation of a local yoga studio in Libertyville, Illinois. This project was a particularly rewarding challenge, given the importance of creating a tranquil and inviting environment for yoga enthusiasts. We replaced the old, boarded-up windows with large, clear panes that flood the space with natural light, essential for a serene yoga practice.

The new windows are designed to enhance energy efficiency, maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round and reducing energy costs for the studio. The sleek, modern design of the windows complements the building’s brick exterior and contributes to the studio’s welcoming atmosphere.

This transformation not only revitalizes the building’s facade but also enriches the experience for every visitor to the studio, aligning perfectly with the community’s health and wellness goals. Aurora Doors and Windows is delighted to have contributed to this positive change, helping to nurture a vibrant, health-focused community environment.


Window replacement  #1
Window replacement  #2


Window installation  #1
Window installation  #2

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