Is it possible to reseal double pane windows?

9 January 2024

Is it possible to reseal double pane windows?

Today’s windows, crafted by contemporary manufacturers, are known for their extended lifespan. However, this durability is only guaranteed under optimal usage conditions. If you start noticing condensation or air leaks in your windows, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be replaced. These issues could be due to manufacturing flaws or breakdowns in certain components of the window.

In such situations, it’s advisable to consult a professional for repair. The double-glazed units in modern windows are particularly prone to damage. They are the most common point of failure, with various potential causes. Mechanical impacts can lead to cracks or breakage, prompting the need for repair. Undertaking these repairs by yourself can be challenging, hence the recommendation to seek out experts in the field.

Handling depressurized glass units: a guide

Identifying a depressurized glass unit is straightforward. The presence of condensation between the panes, especially with fluctuations in temperature and time of day, is a clear indicator of depressurization. Ignoring this issue can lead to a reduced lifespan of the window, the emergence of mold, and other complications that are challenging to address. Regular inspection and prompt repair of window units are essential to avoid such problems. Depressurization can result from mechanical damage or wear and tear over time. Although the causes may seem limited, timely restoration is crucial to avoid the higher costs associated with complete window replacement.

Many companies specializing in window production, sales, installation, and repair often shy away from restoring glass units. The labor and time required for such tasks are often comparable to the cost of purchasing and installing a new unit. Therefore, it’s usually more feasible to replace the glass unit. Modern double-glazed windows, which contain inert gas between the panes, start to fog up and deteriorate rapidly once the gas escapes. Immediate consultation with specialists is advised to prevent the need for a full window unit replacement.

Handling depressurized glass units: a guide

Technically, it is possible to reseal a glass unit. This involves diagnosing the unit, locating the gas leak, and fixing the issue. Sometimes, the problem lies in the sealant losing its effectiveness or a crack in one of the panes. While glass replacement is an option, it’s often more economical and simpler to replace the entire unit. Some people attempt temporary fixes using sealants, adhesives, or tape, but these are short-term solutions.

Eventually, professional assistance will be required to replace the glass unit. Fortunately, the cost of such replacements and their installation is generally affordable, avoiding unexpected expenses. To prolong the life of your windows, it’s advisable to seek professional help at the first signs of double-glazed window depressurization.

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