Mending a Windshield Chip: A Step-by-Step Guide

2 January 2024

Mending a Windshield Chip: A Step-by-Step Guide

Windshield damage, often caused by road debris, can escalate over time. However, not all chips signify the need for a full windshield replacement. Many small chips and cracks can be effectively repaired, sometimes even with a DIY approach using a specialized repair kit.

Steps for Windshield Repair:

  1. Acquire a windshield repair kit: These kits are readily available at automotive stores and contain essential items like epoxy resin. Ensure the resin is fresh by checking its expiration date.
  2. Prepare the damaged area: Before starting the repair, it’s crucial to clean the windshield thoroughly. Avoid applying cleaner directly on the damaged spot. Instead, use rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth for cleaning. Clear any loose glass fragments from the chip or crack.
  3. Application of repair components: The kit includes an adhesive patch and a plastic pedestal. Attach these to the windshield as per the instructions.
  4. Epoxy Resin Injection: Use the provided syringe to inject the epoxy resin into the chip or crack.
  5. Curing and finishing touches: After allowing the resin to cure, remove the pedestal and clean off any residual epoxy.

Assessing the damage

Assessing the damage

Not all windshield damage is suitable for a DIY fix. Chips larger than a quarter or cracks extending more than three inches usually require professional repair services. For smaller damages, following these steps can prevent further spread and save costs.

Windshield Chip Repair

Begin by acquiring a windshield repair kit from an automotive store. These kits typically include epoxy resin, which has a limited shelf life. Ensure the resin is not expired or has been on the shelf for over six months.

Prior to the repair, it’s essential to clean the windshield area around the damage thoroughly. Avoid applying glass cleaner directly on the damaged area. Instead, use rubbing alcohol applied with a microfiber cloth for cleaning. Clear any loose glass fragments from the chip or crack using a pin or thumbtack.

If your kit’s epoxy resin requires UV light to harden, position your car in direct sunlight. This is best done on a sunny day. In case of recent rain, dry the chip or crack with a hair dryer to eliminate any moisture before applying the epoxy.

Adhere strictly to the kit’s instructions, using this guide as an additional reference.

How to Repair a Windshield

How to Repair a Windshield in 10 Steps

  1. Remove the paper backing from the adhesive patch, exposing the adhesive. The chip should fit within the patch’s circular cutout. Apply the patch centered over the chip on the windshield’s exterior. Then, attach the pedestal – a plastic piece with an upward tube – to the adhesive.
  2. If needed, mix the resin. Fill the pedestal with resin to the top. Insert the syringe, fully compressed, into the pedestal.
  3. Hold the pedestal and gently pull the syringe plunger. This won’t draw up the resin but will create a vacuum, pulling air out of the resin. Observe the air bubbles leaving the chip from inside the car. Wait as per the kit’s instructions until no more bubbles are visible.
  4. While holding the pedestal, remove and reinsert the syringe. Gently push the plunger to inject resin into the chip or crack. Stop as instructed or when the syringe clip indicates.
  5. Tap the window to release trapped air. If part of the chip remains unfilled, compress the syringe slightly more.
  6. Leave the syringe as instructed for the resin to cure. Then, remove the patch and pedestal.
  7. Apply a drop or two of resin directly on the chip or crack.
  8. Place a curing strip over the resin, avoiding air bubbles. Use a razor blade to remove any trapped air and allow it to cure.
  9. Remove the curing strip with a razor blade, ensuring not to pull out any resin.
  10. Scrape off any excess resin with a razor blade.

Congratulations on completing the repair!

Opting for Professional Windshield Repair

For those preferring professional assistance, Aurora Windows & Doors offers expert windshield repair and replacement services. Contact them for hassle-free, expert care for your vehicle’s windshield.

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